marriage and love
(This article is addressed to men but women can equally benefit from it.)
Most men neglect the small things that they can do to better their marriage
while they are searching for some deep secrets to do it, but a lot lies in the
small stuff. Small stuff is what brings the theology of marriage into practice.
Small stuff does wonders that make your marriage vibrant for the glory of God.
I am listing ten small things below that you can do to better your marriage:
1. Hug and caress your wife throughout the day if you are around her.
2. Be around her when in home and make her feel you enjoy being around
3. If you are away for some hours or the whole day, send her messages
communicating things like the following every one or two hours:
Miss you.
Love you.
Wish I could get to you immediately.
Can’t wait to see you.
Can’t wait to hug you.
4. Call her from the office once or twice to ask her how she is doing and say
things like I mentioned above.
5. Kiss and hug her and tell her you would miss her before you leave for
6. As soon as you get home, show her the joy that you feel to see her by
hugging her, kissing her, and saying how much you missed her.
7. Give her several compliments every day about her beauty, dressing,
cooking etc.
8. Speak encouraging words to her several times a day. You can address
her as the daughter of God, godly woman, hardworking woman etc.
9. Thank and appreciate her for everything she does for you.
10. Bring her roses, chocolates etc when you come back from the office.
➢ They are not a substitute for prayer for her and prayer and bible
study with her. They are to be done in addition to personal and
family prayer. Prayer and bible study are the root; they are some
of the fruits.
Do it all for the glory of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Do it so that you can reflect Jesus’ care for his bride, i.e. the church. Never
forget that your marriage is for Him and must revolve around Him.




  1. Feeling blessed to have you guys as my teachers. Thank You Pankaj bhaiya, Yogesh bhaiya, Rohit bhaiya n Sourabh bhaiya??? Through Jesus Christ Grace I’m preparing myself for a better life in Christ.

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