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get your husband closer


1 Make him King:

get your husband closer

By making your husband King, you don’t become a slave. By making him king, you become a queen. Remember the golden rule, “Treat others as you want to be treated.” If you treat him as king, he will treat you as queen. Be submissive to him. Let him lead the family in all the areas with you. If you think, he is poor in some area like finances, don’t take that thing completely into your hand, help him to do it better. Give him scope to make little mistakes. Communicate to him how he can do it better. Don’t tell him, “You can’t do it. You waste money. You are unwise.’’ Being economical is important but should not be done at the cost of letting your husband feel disrespected, discouraged and worthless.

2 Communicate with him:

Don’t expect your husband to read your mind and heart and behave accordingly. Talk to your husband. Tell him your fair expectations. Tell him your need of more of his time, appreciation, encouragement and practical help. Tell him this with love and humility. Don’t say, “You never give me priority, you don’t appreciate me, you are this or that.” Know that he wants to do his best. If you tell him your needs, he will try his best to make you happy.

If you are hurt by something, don’t shout, don’t change your behavior, don’t be disrespectful. Tell him with love and humility.

3 Give him conjugal (romantic and sexual) love:

Usually men want sex more often than women. Don’t ever deprive your husband. Be mentally prepared to give yourself to your husband for his pleasure and joy as often as he wants. If you are sick or tired and unable, tell him with love and promise him great nights ahead. Sex satisfies him not just physically but emotionally also. It works like a medicine on his body and mind.

4 Make him feel desired and loved:

get your husband closer

Give him small gifts and surprises as often as you can. Keep texting him, “ I love you or I miss you or other feelings.” When he gets back home from work, give him a warm hug. Let him know you are excited to see him.

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