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True Meaning of Good Friday and Easter

Good Friday is celebrated to commemorate the death (crucifixion) of Jesus Christ. Easter which is better called Resurrection Day is celebrated to  commemorate the resurrection (rising from the grave) of Jesus Christ.

Now the question rises why Jesus died????

We human beings are by nature sinful.  We drink sin like water.  All our thoughts and actions are sinful even though they may not always look so.

We lie and therefore we are liars.

We have stolen or steal and therefore we are thieves.

We have hated people. Bible says if you hate someone, you have already murdered them in your heart. This makes us murderers in the eyes of God.

We have looked at men or women with lust or have enjoyed nudity on the Internet or TV. Jesus says if you lust for someone in your heart, you have already committed adultery. This makes you an adulterer in the eyes of God.

If we have disrespected our parents, we are sinners in God’s eyes.

If we have worshipped creation (Mary, saints, nature) instead of Creator God of the Bible, we are creation worshippers/idol-worshippers and hateful sinners.

If we have loved anything (money, job, family, food), more than God, we are idolaters.

The Bible teaches God is God of justice.  He will punish sinful souls in hell for all eternity.

But God is also God of mercy and love. So He sent His Son Jesus Christ to die for   us. Jesus died on the cross to suffer for the sins of humanity. He drank the hell (God’s punishment for sinners) so that we who believe may escape God’s holy anger on sin.

Jesus died and was buried on a Friday 2000 years back and He rose from the grave on the following Sunday.

After rising from the tomb, He met hundreds of human beings over forty days  and on the 40th day, He ascended to heaven.  Today his grave is empty. If you repent of your sins and surrender your life at the feet of Jesus, Jesus will forgive your sins and you will become God’s child.

So Good Friday and Easter (Resurrection) are the only hope for humanity.  Jesus is the only person who can forgive our sins and take us to heaven.

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